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Celia Pearson
Annapolis, MD                     
MassoniArt Gallery
Chestertown, MD
Carla Massoni
Rogers Gallery
Mattapoisett, MA
Carole Rogers
** Please note that while Celia is happy to work with anyone interested in her prints, buying direct from the artist holds no advantage over working with one of her galleries.
About the Prints
The prints on the portfolio pages range in size from 3”x 3” to as large as 36”x 36” or 22”x 60.” Prints generally are offered in two or three sizes. All sizes may not be listed. All the images on this site are limited editions.

Price range is from $300 to $1,700 for all prints on paper. Price is generally dependent upon size and does not include matting or framing. The prints on silks and other alternative substrates are individually priced.


As with any artwork, proper care is required to assure longevity. When unframed the surface of an inkjet print is susceptible to damage from liquids, scratching, or rough handling. It is essential to handle all prints carefully and only by the edges.

Avoid exposing framed or unframed prints to extreme temperature changes in a short span of time (for example, leaving in a hot car), prolonged exposure to excessive humidity (over 65%), and direct sunlight. Any of these conditions can cause damage.

The Technology

Pearson’s first digital prints (in 2004) were dye-based IRIS inkjet prints. These prints have an exceptional richness. The IRIS technology is no longer available, so there are only a few of these prints still in her portfolio. The artist’s current inkjet prints are made with pigment-based inks. All the prints featured on this site are made with digital technology, and both dye-based and pigment-based prints are archival.

All the prints are made on cotton rag paper, with the recent addition of silk, silk organza, rice paper, and a fine, uncoated canvas. All these substrates are especially designed for archival fine art printing.
There are Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) prints in Pearson's archives, not shown on this site but available to see by appointment. Pearson printed Ilfochromes in her darkroom for more than 25 years before the material and chemistry became obsolete. She says that the process was demanding and the high gloss brilliance and remarkable luminescence of the Ilfochrome prints made it worth the effort. It is noteworthy that Ilfochrome prints are archivally superior to any other traditional color print material.